About Jai Vaishno Truck Transport

In the current age of globalisation when the whole India is coming together as one unit, in India there are still major setbacks when it comes to delivery system. These setbacks hamper not only the business related balance in the ecosystem but also the relationship between the sender and receiver.At Jai Vaishno Truck Transport we aim to administer a reliable delivery system to help curb the issues of logistic segment's customers. The key features of Jai Vaishno Truck Transport are as follows:

  • Our customer friendly online portal will provide our customers with myriad of truck options. Our customers will have the facility to choose the route details of the delivery.
  • Customers can also drop in a detailed description of their requirements so to get the desired service.
  • Truck delivery providers can register on our website with details of service they provide. They can collaborate with us to have a close knit network.
  • All the trucks registered will have a profile showing customer reviews, service quality, operating routes, etc. GPS can be installed in them through our website so as to provide the option of real time tracking to our customers.
  • We will also provide insurance for freight and delivery goods as per the demands from customer's end.